Headmaster Set to Begin 14th Year of “Thoughts”

Today, just like the first of every month since December 2004, a new essay by York Prep Headmaster Mr. Ronald Stewart appears towards the bottom of our homepage. The topics he has written about have ranged from thoughts on the holiday season to politics, to even hula hooping. They are usually humorous.

When York Prep built a new website that had enough space for his essays, it coincided with his senior Ethics students mentioning that they had rarely seen examples of their teachers’ writing. It was at that point that Mr. Stewart decided to write an essay every month for any and every one to read. Now, with his December 2018 thoughts marking the 157th installment, Mr. Stewart is prepared to begin the start of his 14th continuing year of monthly essays. For those just “tuning in” now, previous thoughts from years past can still be viewed online by visiting the archived headmaster’s thoughts page of the school website.