Happy Halloween from York Prep!

As you may have heard, York Prep celebrated Halloween with some academics and a lot of fun. After the first two periods of Monday classes, students participated in the SGO led annual costume contest before leaving for an early lunch. As always, the contest was a smashing success and this year’s costumes were excellent. From your traditional witches and important historical figures (including Dean Ms. Marshall’s Amelia Earhart) to all types of real and fantastical creatures (like a gorilla and a pikachu), York students and faculty had the whole gambit covered.


When the students returned at 11:45 am, ready to go back to class, they were instead surprised with a trip to the nearby movie theater where everyone enjoyed the new film, Miss Peregrine’s School of Peculiar Children. Teachers and students alike enjoyed this very special screening as well as being treated to the all-time favorite movie snack, popcorn and a soda. Once the film was over students were excited for the early dismissal which provided a head start on the rest of their Halloween festivities as they were already dressed and ready to go trick-or-treating.


Overall it was a very entertaining and spirited day!