Happy Halloween!

The Student Government Organization was at it again! On Friday, October 30, York Prep hosted it’s annual Halloween Spooktacular assembly in the Pantherdome. After the morning’s classes the entire school was called down to the gym to enjoy some music, magic, and spooky revelry. With much of the morning having been dedicated to showing off cool costumes or enjoying Halloween themed lessons, students were well prepped for all that the afternoon had in store. Thanks to the careful planning of the SGO members and their faculty advisors the school building was decorated for the occasion and a great lineup of entertainment was planned. 

With the help of a professional magician, “the spirits” were invited to attend the festivities leading to haunting and some hypnotizing fun. Another annual favorite is the costume competition and this year’s entries didn’t disappoint. From athletes to superheroes, zombies and zombie-killers, the costumes varied across the board. The competition was surely difficult to judge given the amount of creativity that went into each individual disguise or outfit. Everyone involved was a great sport when it came to strutting down the imaginary catwalk and in the end the judges (very impressively) managed to narrow it down to four winners. 

For the final bit of entertainment, Chair of the Performing Arts Department, Ms. Fiona Hutchison worked with the seniors to choreograph a Thriller dance that managed to be both eerie and enjoyable. In the end, the entire York Prep community can certainly say they’re in the Halloween spirit. We hope that you all have an eventful yet safe Halloween weekend!


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