Greek and Roman Excellence on Display

York Prep’s 8th grade Ancient World History classes took their annual field trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Greek and Roman exhibits on April 10. The 8th grade has been studying Greek and Roman history for several weeks, and this trip was a culminating event for the students.

The theme of the trip was “excellence.” This theme referred not only to the beautiful statues of athletes, soldiers, and deities but also to the standards of craftsmanship and the materials used to create these works. “So much expression could be seen in the faces of the statues,” said Ben.

Nieve said the museum trip was a great way to bring together what she has learned in English and History. She especially enjoyed seeing the depictions of gods and goddesses since she is currently reading works of fiction like the Percy Jackson series. Paul said his favorite piece of art was the limestone sarcophagus of a Roman noblewoman, which had an entire myth carved on it. The sarcophagus, like so many Greek and Roman works in the museum, was beautiful in form and also served a function.

The most popular artifact with the students was the Etruscan chariot. Jamie said he was mesmerized by the story of Achilles depicted on the chariot’s side panels.

Chandler summed up the trip nicely when she said, “It is amazing to see the Greek pottery and statues of gods and goddesses that we have studied about in class. Most students don’t have that opportunity. We are really lucky.”