Girls’ V-ball Wins 5th League Championship

Winning a championship is unbelievably difficult. Winning five consecutive titles is virtually impossible, but York’s Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team made the impossible a reality as they once again dominated the G.I.S.A.L. and concluded their 2010 volleyball season with impressive wins against Brooklyn Friends, Calhoun, and Columbia Prep to secure their fifth consecutive G.I.S.A.L. championship.

Along the path to winning the overall G.I.S.A.L. title, the girls also won the Big Apple Conference with an 8- 1 record. In the combined G.I.S.A.L. tournament, York battled Calhoun, the number one seeded team from the NYC conference, to a 2-1 victory and defeated Columbia in a convincing 2-0 win.

Anna, team captain, led York throughout the stellar campaign; she was a dominating presence and proved to be the best setter in the league. Anna demonstrated outstanding leadership throughout the season both on and off the court. Seniors Madison (co-captain), Honour, Nikki, Willa, and Emily all made important contributions through their experienced play (a combined 16 years of varsity volleyball); their leadership helped younger players develop a strong sense of “team.”

Eleventh grader Rebecca stepped into the role of setter and connected with her hitters to lead the team’s explosive offense. York’s quick sets and fast attacks proved to be more than opposing defense could handle. Madison and junior Marissa led York’s offense with outstanding spiking. Both hitters were relentless, never giving York’s opposition a break from their killer hits. Sophomore Isabella developed into an unstoppable middle hitter and had York’s opposition ducking for cover when she went up for the kill. She was equally strong on defense; a veritable wall at the net, Isabella led the team in blocking. Willa also provided much needed blocking in play-off games and delivered excellent ball placements. Anna proved she wasn’t just a great setter but a hitting threat from anywhere on the floor.

York was especially effective at the service line with Anna, Marissa, Madison, Emily, and sophomore Olivia providing the team with outstanding serves. Taylor (11th grade) anchored York’s back row defense and managed to confound opposing hitters with impossible digs and perfect passing. Honour, Nikki, and freshman Jenna all came into games and made major contributions.

Our six senior girls have been a huge part of York’s volleyball program. The team will miss them next year, but we hope that the many great prospects from York’s undefeated junior varsity team who will move up will lead the team to a sixth championship.

Congratulations to the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team, the 2010 G.I.S.A.L. Champions!