Genesis Gala

The publication of this year’s Genesis, York’s sole literary magazine, was met with great regard on Tuesday April 12. Filled with student written poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, and original art (including photography, drawings and paintings of varied mediums), Genesis has long been viewed as an annual collection of some of the best creative student talent that York has to offer. In fact, thanks to the superb talent that is usually displayed in this publication, Genesis is often recognized by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. With the art and writing that was carefully crafted, edited and displayed therein, it comes as no surprise that this year an entire assembly was dedicated to recognizing this year’s contributors. 

The first annual Genesis Gala allowed for a select few writers to be introduced by their faculty advisors, Ms. Leah Umansky and Ms. Dana Radeka, before each giving a reading of one of their works. Some of the works included in the assembly were: “Melancholy” by Kayla Gartenberg, Grade 12; “A Moment in the Night” and “Dear You” by Dana Kornfeld, Grade 11; “A Glimpse into Infinity” by Isabella Ding, Grade 11; and a quite suprising piece by freshman Henry Felsman entitled “Molly and Me.” Throughout the assembly a projector displayed the artworks curated by Genesis Art Editor, Kayla Gartenberg, including the pieces: “Double Exposure” by Mia Quinn, Grade 12; “Under the Sea” by Haewon Lee, Grade 11; “Triptych” by Gordon Fang, Grade 9, Megan Igoe, Grade 10 and Lydia Haddad, Grade 10; “The One that Sits Still” by Jane Crowley, Grade 9.

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