Genesis Gala Announces Release of Latest Issue

Another spring has come and just as “April showers bring May flowers,” so too do they bring literary magazines. The creators of Genesis, York’s literary magazine, released their latest issue on Tuesday, April 25.

Amidst the rain, the spirits of the entire school were lifted by beautiful poetry and art at the Genesis Gala. Faculty advisers Lina Akula, Emily-Greta Tabourin, and Leah Umansky took to the podium to congratulate their Genesis editors and staff. Over the course of the assembly they recognized contributors to the magazine for their amazing talent.

The artwork included in the magazine was all displayed in a wonderful slideshow for all to see. Additionally, a few of the written works were even read out loud to the audience. With over a hundred pages, this Spring’s edition of Genesis is the biggest yet and quite a hit. In fact, there were so many submissions this spring, the magazine staff decided to redesign and add a new award.

This magazine’s prose and poetry is now divided into six categories, including “adventure” and “deep thoughts.” And while most of the submissions are usually from older students, this time students from nearly every grade (including 6th) contributed. Parents and friends of York alike can see this new edition of their favorite literary magazine here!

The fifth annual contest for the strongest upper school pieces in Genesis also yielded amazing results. Most notably, awards went to “Unplanned Parenthood” by Sasha Khazatsky for prose, “Forest” by Jane Crowley for studio art, and “Ocean with Stars” by Ken Reibman for digital art. Although it is quite an honor for all the writers and artists to be included, the real prize will hopefully come from the CSPA in the fall. We all look forward to seeing how this year’s Genesis does against other high school publications.