Genesis Gala 2019

The Genesis Gala celebrates the publication of our school’s 6th -12th grade literary and art magazine, Genesis. This year is the 4th annual gala and it was a great opportunity for our talented students to share their work with the welcoming York Prep community. Both middle and high school students stood up on April 24th and conquered a very common fear: public speaking. The gala was not only successful because of these confident students, but also because of the many impressive works incorporated into this year’s issue. The poems, prose, and short stories celebrated today were very moving, empowering, and emotional.

With this said, the writing is not the only impressive part of the magazine, there is also the remarkable artwork! All of our student artists have an interesting perspective on how they view the world and this year’s artwork truly compliments the writing. Our award-winning journal is a success this year because of York’s talented, insightful, and brave students! Without them, we would not have an extraordinary publication this year, and most of all, the York Prep community would not know the hidden talents of all of these young artists!