Freshmen Conquer Science Design Tests

For the fifth consecutive year, several 9th grade Physical Science students participated in Ms. Grimes’ annual Design Challenge Week, February 8-12. Working in design teams, the students creatively battled to solve five engineering projects, one each day.


The challenges posed by Ms. Grimes included furthest catapult launch, strongest bridge, best balloon car distance, best egg structure, and tallest newspaper tower.


Faced with limited time and restricted materials, teams planned and created structures that were then put to the test. Students earned points at the end of each day’s competition, with a win moving their team one step closer to being the overall winner.  A grand prize was at stake!  An awards ceremony was held on February 22, where the winning teams received certificates and ribbons.


Congratulations to the overall champions!


  • 1st place – Das Uber Dublo B: Jeff, Lauren, Avery
  • 2nd place – The Comedians: Matthew, Adam
  • 3rd place – The Flying Wombats: Jack, Jake, Owen