First returns from York Prep’s Rooftop Garden

York is literally reaping the fruits (and vegetables) of its hard work. The York Prep Rooftop Garden yielded its first harvest of tomatoes, peppers (green and jalapeno) and eggplants last week. The pumpkins and watermelons are still in their early stages and should be ripe in late September.


The rooftop garden is the result of a collaboration among several school classes and extracurricular organizations, including the Student Government Organization, the Environmental Club, the Community Service Club, the 7th Grade Life Science classes, and the 11th Grade Environmental Science classes.


“It has been really rewarding to see students and teachers working together to create a unique and wonderful garden on York’s previously unused roof,” said Principal Chris Durnford. “It also helps demonstrate that how we grow food is important to our health and the health of the environment. Our garden provides us with a hands-on opportunity to teach students about growing food and to help them understand our dependence on nature.”


Food raised from the rooftop garden will be shared with the York community and is available in the school lobby to anyone who would like to sample our garden produce.