First Hike of the Year

Science teacher Ms. Ruby Disko and physical education teacher Ms. Janine Turcio had to issue an apology Monday morning for any of the 8th or 10th graders that seemed a little more sluggish than usual in the first few periods. Apparently quite a few students became new members of the Great Outdoors club this year and were “busy yesterday showing Bull Mountain who’s boss!”


The club advisors announced that, with it having been their first hike of the year, they were so proud of the group of twelve students who showed up early Sunday morning ready to go. There was only one veteran hiking club member with the group but, while the rest were newbies, “they definitely held their own.” There was some moaning and groaning along the way (one student made sure to call ahead and have Chinese food waiting for him when he got home) but when they got to the top of the mountain, everyone decided it was well worth the effort.