First Day Back Goes Off Without a Hitch

The morning of Wednesday, September 9, saw New York City buses, subways and sidewalks filled with students making their way around town for the first day of school. Kids sported their best back-to-school fashions, carried backpacks full of brand new supplies, and rushed to their classrooms anxious to see what this new school year might have in store. 

The students of York Prep were no exception when they streamed in through the front doors of 40 West 68th Street at 8:00 a.m. in search of their friends, lockers, and homerooms. By the time the late bell rang it was like the summer had never happened as most of the students and teachers found themselves back in the swing of things.

For some students it may take a little bit longer to get a handle on everything. York Prep has welcomed over a hundred new students for the start of this fall semester! All of York’s newest pupils were excited to join the York community no matter if they were sixth graders anxious for the start of middle school, or transfer students pleased to find a fresh start. Based on the number of students who could be seen about the building with books in hand, one might guess that these young people had spent the entire summer just waiting for the first day of school!