Field Trip to the Dodge Poetry Festival

On Friday, October 26st,  English teacher and Poet, Ms. Umansky took the following six students to the bi-annual Dodge Poetry Festival for Student Day in Newark, New Jersey: Nia Moore, Jenna Saevitzon, Nicole Rashkover, Anders Pryor, Cecilia Cuddy, and Sophia Graham.   Students had the opportunity to see such poets as: Sharon Olds, Eileen Myles, Joseph O Legasapi, Rigoberto Gonzales, and Khadijah Queen.

Senior Cecilia Cuddy  said of the experience, “ Several poets had unique writing styles and experiences, and they inspired me to take more risks in my writing and delve into topics I have not considered writing about.”

Sophomore, Jenna Saevitzon said of the experience, “ I learned a lot from the Q & A because the poets’ answers talked about their writing process and what it takes to create a poem.”

Junior, Anders Pryor said of the experience, “After hearing the stories of other poets and their experiences, I realized that I am a poet on the inside regardless of how much I write.”

We had a wonderful experience and were grateful for the opportunity to attend.