February Athletes of the Month

Male: Benny Mermelstein

Eighth grader, Benny Mermelstein, was instrumental in the success of the Middle School Basketball team this season. He led the team in steals, rebounds, and points. He also matured over the course of the season with his decision making, becoming more comfortable in his playmaking ability on offense and getting his teammates involved. For all of these reasons Benny was chosen as the Male Athlete of the Month for February.



Female: Jennah DeGout

Sophomore, Jennah DeGout, plays an important role on the court with her height, work ethic, post moves, and leadership.  As a third year player on the Girls Varsity Basketball team, she is committed not only to the team but developing herself each and every day. With at least 20 points a game, she’s an exciting player to watch! This is the third time Jennah has been chosen as an athlete of the month. We can only imagine what the future holds for her.