Faculty & Student Basketball Game Ends in Draw

Just before the last day of the Fall semester, the faculty and students went head-to-head in a heated basketball competition reminiscent of the legendary Bulls vs. Knicks rivalry.

A large number of students, many from the school’s basketball team, all volunteered for the chance to take down the faculty. The student team included Jared Borkan, Samuel  Brett-Chin, Matthew Gatan, Bryce Gatch, Asa Goodman, William Jacobs, Samuel Lowe, Jaxon Mancuso, Emily Murphy, Jordan Phillips, and Khalil Watkins.

A ragtag group of faculty members meet these students on the court and preceded to give it everything they had. Though their bodies complained the next day, Athletics Director Peter Bianco, Jump Start Teacher Matthew Collier, P.E. Teacher Janine Turcio, Drama Director John Viscardi, and Principal Art Viscusi, all had a great time.

The entire game was a tight race, the lead going from faculty to student to faculty again many times. Faculty and students alike, showed off their skills, sinking unbelievable three pointers and exhibiting impressive defense and passing. At the end of the second quarter, for instance, Mr. Viscusi surprised even himself by sinking a three pointer at the buzzer to tie up the score.

The game continued in this fashion from quarter to quarter, eventually going into four minutes of overtime to break a tie. In the end, the faculty proved themselves victorious winning by three points with a final score of 60 to 57. Overall, it was quite a great way to end the year.