Escape the Room

The 8th grade mentoring class went to Escape Room Entertainment on Monday May 9. The “room” is a puzzle based , super challenging team building activity in which you must work together and cooperate to problem solve. While it looks like any other ordinary room, it’s actually a mystery for which each group has only 60 minutes to find the hidden objects, figure out the clues and riddle it out to earn their freedom!

escapetheroom 3Monday’s theme was “Monkey Mayhem,” explained school social therapist Ms. Evelyn Rowe-Cosentino. “The idea was we had an hour to capture the monkeys, put them back in their cages and ‘save’ New York from the mayhem.”

Every student was able to utilize whatever unique qualities and abilities they each posses while they working as a team, problem solving, and ultimately escaping the room. The students and their chaperones all had a wonderful time!

escapetheroom 1