Eighth Graders Take Over the Capitol

At the start of the month, the annual trip to Washington D.C. led by Mr. Art Viscusi went off without a hitch. Scheduled for April 4-6, Mr. Viscusi looked forward to taking yet another class of 8th graders to the nation’s capitol. “This trip is a wonderful opportunity for us to visit the place that is most emblematic of what the students have been studying this year in history,” he explained beforehand. He added, “this trip is an opportunity for the students to come together as they head towards their high school years with us.”

While this was not a required trip, the school encouraged all students in the grade to attend as it is a wonderful culmination to their studies. All students will end the school year with an “Inspiration Project” based on their visit to the District of Columbia. For this reason, the vast majority of eighth graders piled into coach bus seats bright and early at 6:00 am on Wednesday, April 4.

Upon their arrival in Washington D.C. the group met their tour guide and enjoyed lunch at the City Food Court. That afternoon they traveled to Capitol Hill for a comprehensive tour of the Capitol Building and Library of Congress. They followed their tour with a fun visit to the Smithsonian’s Museum of American History before dinner.

On day 2 of their trip, April 5, the group spent the morning visiting Arlington National Cemetery before lunch in Pentagon City. They then spent the afternoon at George Washington’s Mount Vernon and enjoyed dinner at the Mount Vernon Inn. Later that evening, they had an after dark walking tour of the Lincoln, Jefferson, Vietnam, FDR, WWII, and MLK memorials.

Then, for their last day in D.C., the group had a fun photo op outside the White House before visiting the Newseum. Everyone loved the popular interactive museum, known for promoting free expression and the first amendment. As usual, it was highlight of the trip and a great ending to a fun and educational adventure.