Edline Wherever You Go

Do you love Edline? Tracking your children’s progress in their classes, getting weekly insights from each of your child’s teachers, and knowing exactly how much homework is assigned on any given night? Do you wish to have all of this information at the touch of your fingertips in a moment’s notice no matter where you are? Would you like for it to appear right on the palm sized screen of your smart phone? If so, there’s an app for that. 

Some may already be familiar with the unofficial Edline app that enables users to access important information without the bother of those pesky web browsers. But those who were previously unaware of this particular tool and find themselves interested, should know that just like any piece of technology, the app has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Director of Jump Start, Mrs. Brittany McKinney recommends that, despite it’s faults, all York parents download the app because “it is helpful for parents to have access to Edline.” We don’t, however, recommend that you stop checking Edline on the web all together. “I find that the app is a quick and easy way to check an assignment for a student or to quickly review their weekly report,” admits Mrs. McKinney, however “as a teacher, it doesn’t replace the web browser because we still need access to post or edit our pages.

Likewise, the app will not always be the best way to utilize Edline for parents either. Another drawback? At times the app has been known to stop working or even freeze. But test it out for yourself. The vast majority of Jump Start teachers are already using the app and, according to Mrs. McKinney, many students are too. There are a few different options out there so if you’re interested in having easier access to Edline from your phone you can shop around and find what works best for you.