Dr. Douglas Schoen Inspires Class of 2015

Prominent American political analyst, pollster, and author, Dr. Douglas Schoen, addressed the senior class, answered questions about his career path and gave his advice on how to handle the transition to college. Dr. Schoen, who received his doctorate from University of Oxford after graduating from Harvard College, is widely credited as a key architect of Bill Clinton’s presidential victory as well as that of Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. In talking to the students, Dr. Schoen focused on the goals he had when he was 16 and how he came to navigate the competitive and often chaotic environment of politics by drawing on the advice of his mentors.

Dr. Schoen was generous in his praise of York Prep, which is the alma mater of his own son, Josh, who went on to attend the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, and who is currently completing his Master’s at King’s College, London University. The senior class was totally enthralled by the presentation and full of questions about politics (“Does government help democracy?”) and the strategies that Dr. Schoen found most helpful in achieving his success. Doug Schoen stressed that seeking the guidance of people you respect as well as the luck of being in the right place at the right time all helped, but that the most important factor in his own success was knowing the path he wanted to create for himself.

As someone who has worked on political campaigns in 17 countries, Dr. Schoen presented a stimulating and inspirational understanding of contemporary politics. The senior class was fortunate in having the chance to spend time with Doug Schoen who, at the end of his presentation, generously offered opportunities for internships to those students who were keenly interested in a future in American politics.