Congrats to the Newlyweds

Congratulations and best wishes are in order for some of our very talented and beloved York Prep faculty members. In the past year a lot of changes have given cause for celebration including retirements, babies and weddings like that of Jump Start teacher Maria D’Angelo  Morley. Over the summer three more of the York Prep community said their celebrated their nuptials with lovely marraige ceremonies surrounded by friends and family.  Athletic Director Peter Bianco married his bride, Mrs. Meagan Bianco, in late August, Jump Start teacher Jessica Beyer wed Mr. Matt Larivee early in August, and science teacher Ann Heffernan said “I do” to Mr. Joseph DeFazio in late June.

So if you happen to run into one of these lucky newlyweds, be sure to congratulate them because it can’t have been easy to come back to school after such wonderful summers!