Coloring at the MoMath

Last week found a combination of 7th graders, honors algebra freshmen, honors geometry sophomores, and junior algebra students all soaking up the amazing mathematical concepts and principals exhibited at the National Museum of Math. On Thursday April 14, math teacher Ms. Erica Millado, along with a few of her York Prep colleagues, brought five classes of math students together across various years and subject matters to experience the joy and wonder that awaits any self-professed lover of math behind the doors of 11 East 26th St in downtown New York. Upon arriving at the museum the entire group explored the many exhibits MoMath has to offer, including the Hyper Hyperboloid, the Dynamic Wall, and the Coaster Rollers. After looking and touching to their hearts content the group then participated in a workshop called “Graphs of the Rainbow.”

In “Graphs of the Rainbow” students from grades 7 through 12 were able to work in small groups in one of the MoMath classrooms. The students learned the many shades of graph coloring problems. One of the problems the groups worked on was finding out a way to color in a map so that no two regions that share a border have the same color. Not only were they learning practical uses for mathematical strategies, but these kids had a great time too. Who knew coloring could still be so much fun?