College Guidance Notes: Class of 2010

by Jayme Stewart, Director of College Guidance

The College Guidance Office initiated a new elective class for seniors this year, College 12. This class met twice a week in the computer lab and covered the common application, SAT registration, individual college essays, and supplements. With the generous support and careful oversight of Ms. Janet Rooney, we have accomplished a new record for York Prep: 100% of the seniors sent at least four completed applications out by Thanksgiving. The remaining applications (up to nine) were sent by December 10. Bravo, Seniors!

In a class of 62 seniors, we produced 45 Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) or Rolling Decision applications, which equals 73% of the class. Breaking this down specifically, we sent

26 Early Decision applications = 42%

18 Early Action or Rolling applications = 33%

We are thrilled with the results!

20/26 ED were admitted = 77%

The remaining six were deferred, and we are working on these!

This “elective” course has been very successful, and the seniors have been especially grateful for the time and computer space to focus and work. In addition, they always receive instant problem solving by Ms. Rooney, who has been a fantastic instructor.

First semester grades were automatically sent mid-January to all colleges applied to. Although we urged many seniors to apply to SUNY and CUNY colleges, there were very few students who applied. In light of the economy, we urge the junior class to consider the concept of an economic safety net in the state and city colleges.

We have really enjoyed working with the class of 2010. They are a great class, and we are delighted by their successes. We look forward to seeing everyone smiling at graduation!