College Guidance Made Easy

A week earlier than usual, parents of York Prep’s senior class came out in earnest to get the ball rolling on the this year’s college application season. On the evening of Thursday, September 8, a slew of York moms and dads attended the annual 12th Grade Parents College Night. Upon entering the gym parents were greeted by Headmaster Mr. Ronald Stewart and Associate Head Mr. Art Viscusi before picking up copies of their children’s college transcripts. The 12th grade parents spent the remainder of the evening giving their rapt attention to York’s magnificent college guidance duo, Mrs. Jayme Stewart and Ms. Janet Rooney. As always, this informal event allowed the pair to provide parents with a step-by-step guide for how York Prep approaches the college application process. The discussion included topics such as teacher recommendations, financial aid, and the colleges that have been scheduled to visit York this fall.

Those in attendance received informational packets containing everything the parents would need to know in order to guide and encourage their children through this rather arduous procedure. In addition parents were given the tried-and-proven checklist (a.k.a. “Nag Letter”) created by Mrs. Stewart as a constant reminder of the tasks each senior must complete to get their applications in on time. Thankfully, those who were unable to attend this year’s college night need not fret: this list (as well as other valuable information) can, as always, be found on Edline.