Club Helps Lessen Environmental Footprint

The motto of the Environmental Club is “Think Globally, Act Locally!” The club hosts weekly meetings where students discuss their environmental concerns. The meetings encourage students to generate ideas to lessen our environmental impact globally and help to “green” our school locally. The Club is run by Jump Start teacher Greta Gennace.

One goal over the past two years has been to place a plant in every classroom. Research shows the benefits of indoor plants, including simple aesthetic improvements, enhanced air quality, and stress reduction. Each of the plants is watered and cared for by an Environmental Club volunteer.

Recycling is another topic of great concern to the members of the Environmental Club. After witnessing people throwing away bottles and cans in the regular classroom trashcans at York Prep, the club decided that the bottles/cans recycling bin in the lobby was not sufficient. They have placed an additional bottle/can re-cycling bin on the 4th floor.

The club, which plans to pursue many environmental initiatives in the coming year, celebrated Earth Day in various ways. A DVD of the Discovery Channel’s “Planet Earth” documentary played continuously on the TV screens in the school lobby. Faculty and students enjoyed a “dress-down” day in exchange for wearing green and making a $2.00 donation to the Central Park Conservancy.

In order to raise awareness of climate change issues, the club also organized the observance of “Earth Hour” by having classrooms turn off all lights and electronics from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m.