Chanel Bio Captivates French Film Club

For their second excursion during this school year, students in the French Film Club saw the French film “Coco Before Chanel” at the Paris Theatre on 58th Street at 5th Avenue. Upper School students Carla Cabrera, Isaac Inkeles, Westen Gerlach, Dashiell Flach, Emily Goldspink, Colin Saint-Vil, Margaret Li, and Michael Benchetrit attended with French teacher, Ms. Campo.


The movie, starring Audrey Tautou, traces the life of Coco Chanel beginning with her childhood as an orphan and ending with her success as a fashion designer. The film is passionate and inspiring as it portrays Chanel’s struggles in France during the 1930s—attempting to be independent, gain work, and break the mold regarding a woman’s role in society. Chanel took the lead in changing women’s fashion as well as the conventional rules that governed them; for example, she was determined to dress in a non-feminine way and decided never to marry.


Students enjoyed the film as well as the red velvet seats in the balcony of the Paris Theatre. “Spectacular! It was interesting to see how such a grand person came from nothing and bloomed into a fabulous designer,” said Carla Cabrera (9th Grade). Margaret Li (11th Grade) added, “The movie was emotional as it tells of a young girl who was orphaned at a young age and shows how the people that she met throughout her life influenced her future to become what she is known for today.”