Celebrating the Holidays with Coney Island Christmas

Pulitzer Prize winner Donald Margulies wove together nostalgia, music and merriment in this seasonal classic when it first premiered in 2012. A holiday show for people of all ages and all faiths, Coney Island Christmas introduces us to a young Jewish girl named Shirley Abramowitz, who is cast as Jesus in her school’s Christmas pageant. As Shirley recounts the story to her great-granddaughter, the play presents a timeless and universal tale of what it means to be an American during the holidays. Opening on the first day of December, in the midst of the holiday season, York Prep’s take on this winter tale could not have come at a better time.

With a cast and crew of over 30 middle and high school students, the production value of this abridged 55 minute play was quite spectacular. On the afternoon of Thursday, December 1 the entire middle school was treated to a special preview during which the actors and crew mates were able to work out all the final details. Even with that being the case the show was a hit. By the time they hit the stage Thursday night the jitters were gone and the night turned out to be a smashing success. English teacher, Ms. Kate Maggiotto claimed it was “the funniest thing I have seen in my entire life,” and fellow English teacher Ms. Leah Umansky agreed, admitting “I laughed so hard I cried.”

Director John Viscardi and Chair of the Performing Arts Department Fiona Hutchison were incredibly proud of the performance, saying of their students that they “never quit” and they “gave and gave and gave everything.”

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get your holiday celebrations started off on the right foot. Come see Coney Island Christmas before tickets sell out!