Cast of “Lend Me a Tenor” Steals Hearts

 From their very first performance on Thursday, December 3, the York Prep fall production elicited laughs left and right.  After a few busy weeks of rehearsing and a furious few days of “teching” the show, the students were all eager to show their mettle. They certainly proved themselves by beautifully marrying the technical elements of lighting, sound, costumes, props and set changes to the play they rehearsed with such dedication. Thanks to everyone’s hard work, this year’s show, Lend Me A Tenor by Ken Ludwig (a fast paced comedy of mistaken identity and frolicking good fun), wowed audiences three days in a row.

The middle school production on the afternoon of Thursday, December 3 was the cast’s first opportunity to show off their chops. It also allowed all of the younger students to see their peers perform while offering a welcome diversion from their usual classes. At the start of the show, they greeted the cast with screams, clapping and cheers, but were especially excited to support the sole middle schooler in the production, sixth grader Leo Steingart. Little Leo was anything but little as the rude, singing, photo-flashing bellhop, especially while apologizing in fluent Italian and stomping around on stage.

Proper performances were held the evenings of Thursday, December 3 through Saturday, December 5 at the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theater at 10 West 64th Street. Each night, the cast and crew were greeted by a full house of faculty, family, and friends. With almost completely different casts performing each time, tickets for the show went pretty fast.

 Most importantly, however, the students involved all truly had a great time, learning about theater, breaking down personal barriers, developing self-confidence, finding their voices, practicing teamwork, and creating lasting memories and bonds of friendship. The entire performing arts department is grateful for the support of everyone who helped make it happen.

wednesday rehearsal lend me a tenor 689

friday lend me a tenor