Candygrams Are Here!

We’ve made it through the first month of the new year and 2018 is proving to be a special treat. But, with “special treats” in mind, the York Prep SGO is excited to announce that candygrams are here! In preparation for everyone’s favorite February holiday (no, not President’s Day), candy grams are going on sale. York students and faculty have two full weeks to buy sweet treats for loved ones in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

With roots in the ancient Roman festival, Lupercalia, this holiday was recast by the Pope in 496 AD as a Christian feast day honoring one or more early saints named Valentinus. Nowadays, most people view February 14th as a commercial holiday exploited by the greeting card and candy companies. No matter the origins or commercialization, people the world over love romance, candy, and any reason for combining the two.

Starting today, the SGO is selling candy in the school lobby during breaks and lunch time in order to spread love throughout the community. You can purchase candygrams for anyone, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, even teachers, to be delivered on the big day during homeroom. Check out the SGO’s candygram commerical yourself for more information!