Breakneck Ridge

On Sunday, November 8, the Great Outdoors club was at it again. Up from the group of four students who went on the first trip, this past weekend’s group of 11 kids signed up by the Thursday before. Eager for the opportunity to enjoy the unseasonably warm weather in New York this past week, the students and their five faculty chaperons (including Ms. Ann Heffernan, Ms. Stefanie Lopez and Ms. Susan Young) traveled via the Metro-North Hudson Line to Cold Spring for a challenging but fun hike. 

Longtime hiking enthusiasts, Ms. Disko and Coach Turcio selected a route that would be accessible to even inexperienced hikers in their four and a half hours on the mountain. Breakneck Ridge consists of a rock scramble up to several summits, reaching approximately 1,260 feet above sea level. Students brought lunch and snacks to share at the height of their climb and had a fun time chatting and bonding while admiring the fall foliage and gorgeous views of the Hudson valley. The ridge offered many stunning views of the Hudson River and region including West Point and Bannerman’s Castle (remnants of a Scotsman’s fortress from the Civil War).

Anyone interested in learning more about the Great Outdoors Club or joining in the next trip should feel free to contact either Coach Turcio ( or Ms. Disko (

View From Breakneck