Breakfast of Champions

In a change from previous years, Athletic Director Mr. Peter Bianco decided to recognize York’s upper school student athletes in a rsz_img_5190new and unique way. As opposed to the lovely dinner held in honor of their hard work and successes last year, this year the physical education department hosted a catered breakfast! While the delicious smell of eggs and bacon woke up everyone in the building the morning of Thursday, May 5, York’s various sports teams all gathered in the gymnasium to celebrate another school year of try-outs, training, practices, and games coming to a close. Each coach took to the stage to briefly speak on the outstanding characteristics of their team members and present them with their awards.


 Mr. Bianco was particularly thankful to all those who participated, whether simply attending or helping organize that morning. “The ‘Breakfast of Champions’ had laughs and of course plenty of awards distributed throughout the morning in the Pantherdome!” explained Mr. Bianco. According to him, “this time is special for the coaches and athletes. Those involved have dedicated their time and effort throughout the seasons to get to where they are today.”

From the looks of things everyone who did attend enjoyed both the delicious food and the company of York Prep’s amazing athletes!