Blue vs. Gold

With “Eye of the Tiger” blasting over the loudspeakers, York Prep’s very first town hall meeting of the new school year proved to be a very loud and smashing success. On Wednesday, September 14, exactly a week after the start of school, York students were treated to a once in a lifetime experience, a “sorting.”   Fans of the multi-million dollar franchise, “Harry Potter,” will be familiar with the word and, just like in the films and books, at York it is all about building a sense of school spirit and a healthy appreciation for competition.

While SGO president, Max Nusbaum, paraded around the gym in a sorting hat, the entire school was split into two teams, blue and gold, by catching bandanas of those colors as they were thrown in the air by cheering administrators. All can agree it was quite an exciting way to start a Wednesday morning. Even teachers got in on the fun, brandishing their own blue and gold bandanas to represent their teams. Once everyone was sorted, the students were presented with their first competition, worth five points: which team is louder? When prompted each side of the room was given the chance to scream, yell, cheer, and generally make as much noise as they could, and you can believe these kids were really loud but blue took home the points.

The gold team need not worry though, there is still a long way ahead before either team can be awarded the “spirit stick” – the prize at the end of the year for winning the spirit competition. Points will be distributed throughout this yearlong competition and the blue and gold teams will have many opportunities to face-off and showdown.