Audience’s Love Spring Production of Spelling Bee

This weekend, York’s spring production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” brought the house down with riotous laughter night after night.

On the evening’s on April 27-29, the cast of “Spelling Bee” was meet by full houses and standing ovations. It was so funny on opening night, Associate Head Mr. Art Viscusi told everyone “If you have plans this weekend…..BREAK THEM….and catch York’s production of Spelling Bee!”

Once again, the talented York drama team treated audiences to three incredible performances and a special Thursday middle school matinee. Weeks and weeks of auditioning, practicing lines, rehearsing, choreographing and costuming resulted in everything coming together. Most noteworthy is the pride directors John Viscardi and Fiona Hutchison had for their students’ performances.

As producers of this school production, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart made it a point to attend each of the performances. And boy were they impressed! Both noted a great improvement with each evening’s performance and Mr. Stewart felt the show “…was really good and was both funny and heart warming.” Congratulations to all who were involved in the “Spelling Bee” musical from beginning to end!

Click here to watch act one and act two!