Athletes of the Month – January

January Athlete of the Month Mircia Cortez

7th grader Mircia Cortez is a player on the middle school girls’ basketball team. She had little basketball experience coming into the season. She is now a huge asset to our program putting up 51 total points so far this season. In one a single game, Mircia outscored the opponent with a personal best of 14 points. Mircia is quick and agile and easily one of the fastest on the court at all times. She comes to practice every morning before school with a huge smile on her face and bounds of energy ready. Mircia has improved since day one of practice. She is incredibly supportive of her team, ready with a kind word, and is extremely coachable.


January Athlete of the Month Phillip Winter

10th grader, Philip Winter is a member of the Swimming team and is always open to entering new races despite them not necessarily being his favorite stroke. He was dedicated to getting to morning practices on time and is always accountable. He works extremely hard perfecting the different strokes of swimming. He is constantly improving his times regardless of the race he swims. As the captain of the swim team, he consistently boosted team morale and showed good sportsmanship, setting the example for the team.