Athletes of the Month — December 2015

Basketball players Lilly Recht and Isaiah Khalil are December’s Athletes of the Month!

With the winter sports season well underway, York’s four basketball teams continue to perform well. Two contributors to the success of girls varsity and middle school basketball at York are our latest athletes of the month. Thus far, Lilly and Isaiah have committed themselves to promoting a positive team spirit while still performing impressive feats on the court. Athletic Director Peter Bianco, as well as their coaches, have great things to say about the December Athletes of the Month whose profiles are currently being displayed in the Pantherdome for the next few weeks.

Lilly Recht

11_Recht_LillyLilly is a starting forward and captain for the girls varsity basketball team. She has done nothing but shine on and off the court so far this season.  She is an all-around athlete whom you can rely on for sinking the winning basket, building team camaraderie, and constantly bringing positive and motivating energy to the team. Her leadership demonstrates how athletics should be approached day in and day out. She is always giving 100 percent and striving to get better every day!  Be sure to come watch her in a game this season!






Isaiah Khalil

8_Khalil_IsaiahIsaiah demonstrates such great work ethic on the court that the inevitable result is him having monstrous games. During the month of December, Isaiah averaged 15 points and 10 rebounds per game. His double-double performance gives the team the best chance to win each and every time. Besides his performance on game days, he picks up the team when they are down and creates a lively atmosphere throughout each practice. Come watch Isaiah along with the rest of the middle school boys’ basketball team tackle the rest of the winter season in the Pantherdome!