Anatomy Students Report to the O.R. Stat!

Dr. Melinda Viscusi’s Honors Anatomy & Physiology students were up bright and early on Tuesday, April 8, 2015 for a field trip to the Liberty Science Center. However, rather than a simple museum visit spent meandering through exhibits, the class was treated to a two and a half hour “Live from Surgery” session in the LSC’s Jennifer A. Chalsty Center. By 7:00 a.m. they were all ready to go, excited for the opportunity to observe an actual surgery and the chance to interact directly with the operating room staff and orthopedic surgeon.

While sitting in the center’s interactive theater, the students were able to ask various questions regarding surgical criteria, surgery technique, O.R. equipment and tools for the total knee replacement they were watching and received their answers right away from the surgeon himself. The class even impressed their teacher by asking pertinent questions about post op care, wanting extra joint implant information, and requesting details about the doctor’s own lifestyle.

photo 4 photo 5

They observed the step by step procedure of the surgery from start to finish, including the use of the saw to remove the old joint in preparation for placement of the artificial one. At the end they were able to see the pre and post op x-rays to visualize the benefits of the surgery and understand why the surgery was necessary in the first place. The students were enthusiastic to hear many of the terms made familiar to them in the classes and homework assignments they have completed throughout the year. For students considering future careers in the medical field, this was certainly an invaluable experience.