Anatomy & Physiology Students Put Their Fingers to the PULSE

Last month, a class of juniors were treated to quite an extraordinary field trip at Discovery Times Square. Unlike visiting a typical museum, Discovery Times Square is one of New York’s best destinations for discovering something new through unique and immersive exhibits. Every now and then, an exhibit comes along that completely changes the way a person sees themselves and lives their life.



Thanks to the trailblazing German anatomist, Dr. Gunther von Hagens, such an exhibit exists for our bright and intellectually curious students to enjoy. After a quick ride on the subway, Dr. Melinda Viscusi’s A&P class was introduced to the science of plastination by BODY WORLDS: PULSE, an inspiring, immersive multimedia exhibition about health, wellness, and living to the beat of life in a vibrant, fast-paced city.


They spent the morning learning about the human body, its form and function, its vulnerability and potential, and the challenges it faces while navigating the 21st century.  After viewing all of those real human bodies plastinated in lifelike poses and dissected to show the structures and systems of human anatomy, one wonders if any of the students had much of an appetite upon returning to school just in time for lunch.