American Sign Language Students Attend Film Festival

ASL Film Fest On Saturday, May 16, a very modest group of students took it upon themselves to join American Sign Language teacher Ms. Kate Logan and teaching assistant Mr. Chris Abreu in a visit to the New York School of the Deaf in White Plains, New York. With the help of some very considerate York parents, these students were able to make the hour-long drive and return the kindness shown to them when fourteen NYSD students spent a day at York Prep School back in November. After befriending a handful of those NYSD students through their ASL class, sophomores Sam Gartenstein, Adam Lustig, and James Lebowitz, and junior Sam Kleinick, took it upon themselves this spring to spend a Saturday attending the fifth annual ASL Student Film Festival

An event that garners entries from schools for the Deaf from all over the country, the ASL Student Film Festival featured movies that are created entirely by young filmmakers looking to showcase their talents for script writing, film production and editing. All of the films submitted to the festival were accessible in that they used voice overs or close captioning so that people with no knowledge of ASL could enjoy them too.

ASL Classes Deaf Event 3Last fall, the entire York Prep community was thrilled to host such compelling and diverse students willing to share their valuable insights into the deaf community. Ever since their first meeting, the students of NYSD and York have attempted to keep in touch and continue to learn from one another. In fact, York’s ASL classes even hosted a bake sale in order to raise a significant contribution to donate towards next year’s film festival. The young men who were able to attend this year’s festival were proud to put their ASL skills to good use when they presented York’s donation and offered their encouragement and support. Who knows, maybe next year’s festival will have an entry from York!