American Literature Students Take a Stroll Through Time

Written by E. Torma-Rookley (Class of 2016)

Studying literature at York Prep is more than reading in a classroom; it is an experience that literally takes students to new places. On Sunday, April 19, Mr. Jon Serri’s English class spent the morning touring Greenwich Village with York Prep’s very own tour guide, Mr. Michael Roper. The class met at 9:30 am around the iconic four-faced clock in Grand Central Terminal. From there, students took the subway down to the Village where they delved into not only a world of literature but history as well.

 In simply walking up and down the various sidewalks and streets of the Village, these students found themselves in the footsteps of many literary legends. Mr. Roper guided the group to the homes of some of America’s most accomplished and notable authors such as Thomas Paine, who once lived at 309 Bleecker Street, and Edgar Allan Poe, who lived at 85 West Third Street.

 The students also learned that both E.E Cummings and Mark Twain held residences in that neighborhood shortly after the turn of the century. At each building, they stopped to read passages written by the very authors who once resided in those locations. Once the tour was over, the entire group enjoyed lunch at McSorley’s Ale house, the oldest Ale house in New York. The tour was certainly a fun and interesting way to spend a Sunday morning.