Alumni Profile: LaTanya Harry – Class of 1997

When speaking of York, LaTanya said, “It was the best time of my life. York allowed me to be myself.” Unlike her friends at other schools, La Tanya felt she was able to blossom at her own pace. She felt that her teachers truly cared and supported her. According to La Tanya, York was the place that took the time to make sure she got what she needed. It laid the foundation for where she is now.

La Tanya attended Dartmouth, and after college, she worked for Senator Charles Schumer on sub-prime mortgages, credit ratings, and the Enron scandal. La Tanya then went on to law school and earned a joint degree in law and urban planning. She is now completing a clerkship with Justice Wallace at the New Jersey Supreme Court. She is also pondering multiple job offers at various law firms in New Jersey. Her goal is to use both her degrees and work on urban redevelopment.

La Tanya is still in contact with several of her old friends from York. Shameika Taylor, Class of 1998, is now an Assistant District Attorney in Westchester, and Johanne Prepetit, Class of 1997, is finishing medical school. Certainly an impressive group!