Activities Spotlight: Origami Club

Origami, the popular Japanese art of paper folding, has found a place at York Prep. Every Thursday during lunch, an enthusiastic group of students participates in the Origami Club, sponsored by Jump Start teachers Greta Gennace and Alexandra Otto.

According to Ms. Gennace, the purpose of the club is to introduce basic folding techniques, stress reduction, hands-on projects for active learners.

Ms. Gennace has a fold-a-day calendar on her desk, and seventh grader William began to follow the folding instructions. One day he suggested that they start a club. “The students can come at lunch to learn an ancient art form. Origami teaches perseverance and fine motor coordination,” said Ms. Gennace.

Members have used Netflix tear-off flaps to make origami (as demonstrated in Netflix Origami). The flaps are sturdy and folding with them is a good way to recycle.

Students take the origami projects home to give to family members. Some teachers also are lucky enough to get them as gifts.