A Surprise at Field Day

The sun was shining and the air crisp at Tibbetts park on Wednesday, October 7, for York Prep’s biannual school wide field day. No one could have asked for a more gorgeous day to spend outdoors. Organized by the school’s recently elected student government officials and their advisors Mrs. Brittany McKinney and Ms. Melissa Feibusch with the help of the Physical Education department, York’s 2015 fall field day featured all manner of sporting events from kickball to Frisbee. As usual, the entire school (students and faculty alike) attended in an effort to build school community and unity among classmates and colleagues. While amusing themselves with the various games scheduled for the day, everyone enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the park as well as a catered lunch together.

As an added surprise this year, the SGO advisors arranged to have a whole slew of inflatables available for student and faculty use alike. More than your average bouncy house, these rentals included slides and obstacles to challenge every level of athleticism. Associate Head, Mr. Art Viscusi can attest to the obstacle course difficulty having caused significant (as well as hilarious) damage to his own attire in the race to finish first. 

Principal Ms. Stefanie Lopez was particularly pleased with the success of the day having seen “students who normally do not participate in activities having the time of their lives.”  The pictures provided by Ms. Lopez show spirited middle schoolers after completing the obstacle course, a student on the slide, teachers racing kids, and an administrator struggling to win!  As Albert Einstein once said, “Play is the highest form of research.”

Around the Bend The Struggle is Real Super Slide