A Day at the Opera

In what has become a bit of a tradition at York Prep School, the senior class enjoyed a unique trip to the Opera with Mr. Stewart and some opera enthusiasts from the faculty on Monday, March 2. The group made the short walk through the snow to the storied classical music hall at 30 Lincoln Center Plaza to attend a working rehearsal of Massenet’s “Manon,” with the world famous French soprano, Diana Damrau, in the lead.

As guests, the group was given a unique look into a number of scenes as the performers and everyone backstage worked to perfect everything a week before the start of the show. This was the fifth year that the senior class spent a day at the Metropolitan Opera, and these seniors were particularly fortunate to not only see a dress rehearsal in progress, but to see one of the great soprano’s in the world, to watch a maestro conductor, Emmanuel Villaume, control the orchestra, and to understand how much hard work it is to produce the finished “product.”

As only six performances were scheduled for this production at the Met, this really was quite a treat. The seniors were given the Belmont Patron’s Room as their “home” in the Metropolitan Opera House, where lunch was provided, and as the only people in the audience they had free rein to sit anywhere they wanted in the Grand Tier.

It was a great day!