8th Grade Relives Ancient Greece and Rome

Mrs. Marshall Fleenor’s and Ms. Richard’s 8th grade Ancient World History classes made a return trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art on April 21, this time to visit the Greek and Roman wings. The field trip capped off their study of Ancient Rome and Greece.

The tour guides captivated each student with tales of Greek heroes such as Hercules, while students gazed upon not one but two massive statues of the hero. Students especially enjoyed imagining themselves in the Etruscan chariot with depictions of Achilles on its side panels.

When put to a vote, however, the bronze figure of Cupid was unanimously the favorite exhibit of the day among the 8th grade visitors. “The infant cast as Cupid was so life-like and its features were so detailed,” said Becca.

Teachers and students alike had an enjoyable and educational day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, along with a pleasurable two-way stroll through Central Park.