400 Years of Shakespeare

Can you quote Shakespeare? You might not think so but, as York Prep students learned in last Friday’s “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” assembly, anyone who speaks English is likely to quote Shakespeare everyday. William Shakespeare is responsible for more than 1,700 words still used in the English language today.
In celebrating the 400th anniversary of the death of poet and playwright William Shakespeare, history teacher Mr. Eric Tull arranged for a program honoring the timeless words of the greatest writer in history. With a brief history lesson and some fun recitations from a select few of his 39 plays and 155 sonnets, everyone learned a lot about the man and legend. 

With the help of the English department and the classical guitar accompaniment by Daniel Strauss, Mr. Tull and a handful of students performed scenes from Macbeth,Romeo & Juliet, and Henry IV. Even Mr. Stewart got in on the fun and took to the stage after a lively and educational insult competition screamed at the top of the lungs of even the school’s most intimidating administrators. All in all, the celebratory assembly proved to be a wealth of information and fun that will have students appreciating the many works of the bard for years to come.