40 West 68th Gets a Fresh Look

After a summer of cleaning, repainting, sawing, hammering, and drilling, York Prep’s got a fresh new look. Entering the building, all returning students and faculty members will notice the eye-opening lobby with it’s adjustable lighting and brighter wall color. But the lobby is not the only part of the building that has gotten a makeover. The fourth floor chapel has gotten a similar treatment, with new lighting to highlight the architectural highlights of the room.

The updates did not stop with building itself. York’s technology also got an upgrade with all of the school’s computers being switched over to the Windows 10 operating system across the board. From the desktop computers in each and every classroom to the laptops used by faculty and students alike, everything has been improved to work both faster and quieter for optimum performance. We hope that with the start of the new school year, optimum performance is a theme that carries through to lesson plans and homework alike.