2nd Annual History Day

The History Department took over Room 405 on Tuesday, February 13, for York’s second ever History Day exposition and competition. You might recall last year’s “science fair for history” where students completed the kind of research they would for papers, and then chose one of five interesting ways to present their findings.  Once again, students had the choice of creating websites, documentaries, museum-style exhibits, or original performances. This year, many opted to write a 5-8 page research paper.

On Tuesday, teachers in the history department brought each of their classes up to Room 405 to see the projects. During each period, visitors viewed the projects and critiqued them, often filling out little surveys about what they learned.


While there was no need for the rest of the faculty to adjust their planning for the day, they too were all invited to visit the gym and take a look. Themes for a few of the over 60 projects on display were cold war propaganda, the role of women during WWII and the space race.