20th Anniversary Brings Together Class of ’88

The Class of 1988 held its 20th reunion at York Prep on June 21, 2008, which was the first time many of us had seen one another since we graduated. Danny Kivelson flew in from northern California; Manju Pradhan traveled from St. Louis; Daniella Scott made the trip to New York from Virginia; and Jamie Finder Runyan came up from Florida. Local alumni in attendance were Nic Bottero, Jodi Silvera Montgomery, Albert Broadus, Robyn Levy, Rachel Smith, Dexter Davenport, Todd Goldstein, Henry Walker, Jason Alicea, Rob Wilson, Alex Rwambuya, Rob Alper, William Baddoo (left after 11th but heard about the reunion and attended), and Paul West.

The former classmates enjoyed refreshments and conversations with each other and with former teachers Mr. and Mrs. Stewart, Dr. Reese, Mr. Neuhaus, Mr. Michel, and Mrs. Weschler (formerly Mrs. Quiles).

Many of the attendees got together later in the evening—Sandi Bolonkin, Sabrina Villavicencio, and David Prince made appearances—and rode the good vibe created earlier in the day.

The reunion was so successful that plans are already in the works for the 25th Anniversary reunion. Nic Bottero has graciously volunteered to get the ball rolling. We hope the next reunion will be bigger and better!