York Prep Students Return from Galapagos Islands School Trip: Read All About It!

Thirteen York Prep graduates from the Class of 2021, who were in Marine Biology and AP Biology, spent over a week on a trip-of-a-lifetime exploring the terrain and encountering the flora and fauna of the Galapagos Islands. Accompanied by Ms. Domenicali-Shah and Mr. Ward, the students traveled by boats from island to island, hiked, and snorkeled while coming face to face with a wide array of indigenous sea and land animals.
"The intention/goal of the trip was to allow students in Marine Biology and in AP Biology to see the real world examples of organisms they had learned about in their classes," says Ms. Domenicali-Shah. "For example, Darwin’s Finches are commonly used as an example of evolution through natural selection." Ms. Domenicali-Shah recorded a summary of their daily excursions in her Galapagos diary, and you can read all the details by clicking here!