Find a Headline, Write a Poem: Ms. Umansky's Latest New York Times Article

Ms. Umansky is a regular contributor to the New York Times "At Home" section. Throughout the past year, she has presented readers with inspiration and instructions on how to create their own poetic creations. This week, she introduces us to the Golden Shovel in "Find a Headline, Write a Poem". Ms. Umansky explains that a Golden Shovel is a "poem that takes a line from another poem or text (often a Gwendolyn Brooks’ poem, but not always) and uses each word in that line as the end of a line in the poem."
Ms. Umansky breaks down the poetry-writing process step by step in this article, and guides us through crafting a Golden Shovel from a New York Times headline. "Aching To Be Just a Face in the Crowd" is the headline that she chose for her poem, but we would love to see yours! Follow the steps outlined by Ms. Umansky and share your poem with us via email or post it on Instagram and tag @yorkprep.