York Prep Alum, PhD Positions at MIT, Stanford, and Berkeley

The last time we caught up with York Prep alum Alexander “Sasha” Khazatsky, a little over a year ago, he had just returned from a Robotic Learning conference in Japan where he presented his paper “Contextual Imagined Goals for Self-Supervised Robotic Learning” . Since then he has maintained his prolific level of work in Artificial Intelligence research, and is currently in the running for UC Berkeley’s Class of 2021 Valedictorian!
Coming from a recent presentation at the University of Toronto, Mr. Khazatsky currently has two more papers that have been accepted for presentation at the 2021 International Conference on Robotics and Automation. What are these papers about?  “Roughly these projects are focused on enabling robots to learn useful skills on their own, use past experience to learn new things more quickly, and infer what humans want them to do,” explains Mr. Khazatsky.
Mr. Khazatsky has also been accepted for Ph.D. positions at Stanford, MIT, and UC Berkeley, all with full funding and fellowships. Clearly, his innovative mind and hard work throughout his undergraduate college career have not gone unnoticed, and he recently thanked Mr. Stewart and “the wonderful York Prep community” for giving him the tools he needed to make the most of college.